These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are all registered with AKC. They are all health-cleared and tested for genetic disorders. All documentation is available.

Chocoholics Franchesca Rose' (Chocolate Tri-Color)

Peaceful Gardens Katerina of Smithpaws (Blenheim)

Chocoholics Aint Misbehavin' (Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Strawberry Dacari (Black and Tan)

Chocoholics Lady Kennedy (Blenheim)

Chocoholics Veronica Rosea (Tri-Color)

Chocoholic's Juniper Gin (Chocolate Ruby)

Chocoholics Peppermint Schnapps (Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Rayne Merlot (Chocolate Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Ziva's Happy Hour (Black and Tan)

Chocoholic's Tamson Partys Like It's 1999 (Blenheim)

Chocoholics Mallory Mixer (Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Natalias Hard Cider (Chocolate Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Turn The Paige (Tri-Color)

Chocoholics Brigitta's Home Brew (Chocolate Blenheim)

Chocoholics Rumor Has It (Chocolate and Tan)

Chocoholics Valencia Mistela (Chocolate and Tan)